FIDE 100 Years

FIDE100 Events in Buenos Aires, Argentina

FIDE100 Events in Buenos Aires, Argentina December 10, 2024 Buenos Aires, Argentina A series of chess events held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of FIDE take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 10, 2024. The program includes FIDE Trainers’ Seminar, Presentation of the FIDE100 book, Scholastic Event, Massive Simul at Plaza de Mayo and […]

Switzerland. Home of FIDE

Switzerland. Home of FIDE April 07, 2024 Bern, Switzerland A number of FIDE100 celebrations will be held on Bundesplatz, the social heart of Bern. The city will host the Chess Torch Relay, simultaneous exhibition games with top class chess players, presentation of a postal stamp dedicated to the 100th anniversary of FIDE and Gala Dinner […]

45th Chess Olympiad 2024

45th FIDE Chess Olympiad 2024 September 10-23, 2024 Budapest, Hungary Chess Olympiad in Budapest that will bring together all the chess nations will also be used as the highlight spot for celebrations with anniversary awards, seminars and exhibitions. Budapest will also be the final stop of the Chess Torch Relay. In February 2024, it will […]