FIDE 100 Years


The II Congress of Chess, Education and Health will take place in Menorca, Spain from 22-24 March.

The objective of the congress is to promote the use of chess as a  pedagogical tool in education, sharing experiences, research and innovative practices in the field.

In addition, it seeks to generate a space for reflection and debate on the challenges and opportunities presented by this pedagogical strategy, as well as to identify best practices for its implementation in different educational contexts.

Speakers of the event:

  • Jerry Nash (FIDE, USA)
  • Jesper Hall (ECU, Sweden)
  • Briigitta Pezle g (ECU, Hungary)
  • Leontxo Garcia (El País, Spain)
  • Jaume Sauleda (Son Espases, Spain)
  • María Rubio Yuste (FIDE, Spain)
  • Dr Donald Onyekwere (FIDE, Spain)
  • Dr Amelia Hernandez (FIDE)
  • Dr Onkemetse Francis (FIDE)
  • Daniel Scotland (FIDE)
  • Mauricio Arias (Costa RICA, America)
  • Alesandro Dominici (Italy)
  • Marta Amigo (Spain)
  • Daniel Escobar (FEDA, Spain)
  • Fran Otero (Spain)
  • Prabitha Urwyler (FIDE)
  • Rita Atkins (FIDE, Hungary)
  • David Pons (Menorca, Spain)
  • Franck Droin (France)


The Conference is organized by  Olimpia Chess Academia and works in collaboration with the main sponsors of the International Chess Federation (FIDE), the European Chess Union (ECU) and the Spanish Chess Federation.

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