FIDE 100 Years

FIDE100 in Quebec, Canada

FIDE100 Events scheduled in Quebec, Canada:

  • August 18. Simultaneous Display: Two of the best chess players in the world will give a simul in public with 20 players each,
  • August 19. Living Chess Game on the Terrasse of the Chateau de Frontenac: A game of chess reproducing the famous last game of the Steinitz – Lasker World Championship Match in 1894 played in Montreal, Canada. Lasker became the second official world chess champion following this game.
  • August 18-19. Jeux GĂ©ants. Four giant chess sets will be installed for the public.
  • August 19. RIDEF Rapide Chess Championship: One of the activities of the 10th RIDEF. It will be played at the Chateau de Frontenac in 11 rounds with a prize fund of 4000 USD.
  • August 20. Closing Gala.