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Photo book "Capture" by Stev Bonhage

Experience chess photography like you have never seen it before!

“Capture” is an approach to visually modernize the way people look at chess, showcasing the rather beautiful colorful world that is hiding behind sixty-four black and white squares.

Living in a fast moving world, where quantity is more important than quality, “Capture” aims to be a modern luxurious page turner, focusing on the importance of making every single frame count as each photo has the potential to inspire somebody to pick up a board and start playing, entering a world with more potential moves then there are grains of sand on all the beaches in the world.


Stev Bonhage is an international published freelance photographer who has traveled, lived and worked around the world for over fifteen years. Published in over fifty countries, it is his passion and dedication to the craft that seperates his work from others.

Focusing mainly on action sports, travel, street and portrait photography, Stev made his chess photography debut in 2022. His unique approach, perspective and style quickly took the chess world by storm and has thrilled and captivated both chess players and fans around the globe ever since he first stepped on to the scene.