FIDE 100 Years

The exhibition “The Clash for the Crown”

The exhibition “The Clash for the Crown” organized by World Chess Hall of Fame in honor of 100 years of FIDE is an important reminder of the richness of the game and what it brought to the world.

The matches for the title of world champion in chess represent the jewel of the chess world, the most anticipated and most popular chess event. These clashes mark iconic moments in the history of the game. From the old masters and pre-FIDE world champions such as Steinitz and Morphy to the mastery of Mikhail Botvinnik, the creative genius of Mikhail Tal in the absolute category, or Vera Menchik and Nona Gaprindashvili in the women’s, and other champions that followed, the matches to determine the bearer of the coveted crown are unique historic events and their analysis still produces new fascinating information.